Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Post 1. Fat People Are Judgemental

Okay, so I know that this is not the most heart warming and welcoming topic to begin my blog career off with but it's something that I wanted to talk about. Having said that; welcome to my blog! (Was that a correct use of the semicolon?)

So we always hear about how people are mean to fat kids in school. We've seen the Jerry Springer shows, the Maury Povich with the fat people who tell horror stories about the rude things people have said to them or even done to them simply because they are fat.

Well Ladies and Elephants, I am here to tell you it's a load of malarkey!

OK so I am sure those things do get said and I do not by any means condone being mean to people who are overweight, but there is an aspect that goes unsung here and I'm here to un-unsing it... or sing it... or bring it.. something.

I'm thin. I've always been thin, I will most likely always be thin. When I was growing up I was REALLY skinny. I just wasn't a bulky dude. I'm still skinny now but once I learned how to eat, how to work out, I became more muscular so instead of people on the beach running over to where I am laying and saying "Hey! Check this out! The tide uncovered some sort of bones... I wonder if these are from a dinosaur!?!" I now can turn a few heads. But that is not what this is about.

This is about those "fat" people who pick on skinny people. I can't tell you how many times I had big people make ridiculous comments to me (and some still do) about my weight. "You need to eat more! You are sooo skinny!" blah blah blah.. variations on that.

Here is my problem. I was very sensitive about my weight because I didn't want to be skinny. I wanted to be muscular. I never made fun of fat people, I've never cared if someone was fat (unless it was a friend and it was hurting their overall health) but for whatever reason some of the larger people out there make themselves feel better or perhaps normal by pointing out the thinness of others.

Here is a little something I've always believed to be true (and yes I understand that some people are genetically predisposed to become fat than others, but that doesn't mean that they are predestined to be fat). If I, someone who is genetically apt to stay thin no matter what I eat to a degree, and a fat person decided to live together. We decide that we are going to mutually eat healthy and work out so we both eat small healthy meals every day with each other at the same times. We also work out in some form or fashion every day and do cardio... you cannot tell me that the fat person is not going to lose weight. I'll let you in on a little secret, one I always scream at my television when one of those shows is on and some huge mother is crying because she says her huge daughter is just getting fatter and she doesn't know what to do.

Gaining fat, or muscle for that matter, is a math problem.
Calories. These are basically a measurement of energy in food. If you burn the food in a fire, it produces a certain amount of energy that is measured as calories.
So, if you are taking in food (or energy) and not using that energy then your body stores what it can't use or flush as , you guessed it, fat! So, to lose weight, you either start using more energy than what you are taking in (via exercise) or you cut the amount of energy you take in below the amount of energy you expend every day. Here, I'll whip up a little chart with the mathematical equation for you... ready?


There. Simple enough? The fastest way to not be fat would be to do both things I mentioned: lower your food intake AND up your energy expenditure. It's really that simple. No, I'm not talking about those stubborn love handles and how to target them, I am just addressing people who are fat in general and want to lose weight so they can stop telling skinny people how skinny they are.

So I can't tell you how many fat girls have said "Wow! You are so skinny! You need to eat something!" Now, society says there is nothing wrong with that. But if I turned around and said, "No, this is how a healthy human being is supposed to look. You need to STOP eating something because you are fat!" then I would be a huge (or skinny) jerkfaceheadpoopmouth-a-tron.

So, I think I've proven my point about fat people making fun of skinny people... I just hope this doesn't piss off all of the fat people because, at least in America, there are more of you than there are of me!

This brings me to a different point fat America. I see why you are fat. Whenever I am waiting in line (one of the rare occasions) at a fast food restaurant and you are in front of me ordering and you weigh 300 pounds... well, look I don't really care that you are fat, I don't. But I often wonder if you know that every single person in that building is wondering how the hell you think you have business to transact with that establishment. If I were McDonald's (and it wasn't illegal) I would have pressure plates and other mechanisms in the floor in front of the counter where you order that measure your weight and body fat percentage and if you are ridiculous something crazy happens. Like the whole counter spins around and there is a healthy McDonald's on the other side and you have to order from the tofu and beans menu and then to get to the fountain drinks a Jetson-like treadmill pops out of the floor and you have to run faster than it's moving to make headway towards your beverage.

OK that last part was ridiculous. Anyway, here is to my new blog!


  1. You're still too skinny in my eyes. No but seriously, I think what it comes down to is personal accountability. It's the same with money and debt.

    The calories thing makes sense but I'd go a step further. How about we find out what kinds of foods and things speed up our metabolism?

    My sister in law is on Weight Watchers, (when in public in a group of people it's referred to as "WW") and she has lost 30 pounds simply by watching her weight. Hey what do you know weight does have something to do with what you eat! But the bad thing is once she's off of WW then what will happen? I'm guessing she may gain the weight back if she's not careful.

  2. This cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh. McDonalds will never be the same again =)

  3. It's funny and so true at the same time! I, along with most people in the world, have issues with my body! I am not saying AT ALL that I think I'm fat! I would love to tone up a little, is all! I have learned who I can say that in front of though! Next thing you hear is, "omg you're skinny enough"! I've never had to struggle with my weight, thank God for good genes! My sister, on the other hand, is my complete opposite. I had to laugh when we were standing at McDonald's and she was deciding on what to eat and said, "I think I'm going to splurge and get the reg. chicken instead of the grilled chicken" Really? WOW! She now looks back and laughes herself! She started working out religiously, eating healthy, and really taking care of herself! Don't get me wrong, I know sometimes being overweight is a medical thing, but in my experiences, it's about being LAZY! Even my sister agrees with your blog! Well written, my friend!